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We’re redefining the way we recognise, value and improve mental health in the workplace - fuelling better mental fitness, improving workplace culture and increasing company performance through proactive coaching support.

What is BeMeta?

We enable you and your employees to build happier, healthier mindsets. Through group coaching workshops and 1:1 sessions, we equip you with tools to enhance your employees’ emotional and mental health. When you embed our practices and philosophy, you create a culture of better engagement, better performance and better wellbeing.

The BeMeta
Mental Fitness support model:

  • Practical
  • Proactive
  • Empowering
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Performance Focused
  • Mental Fitness Instructors
  • Mental Fitness Action
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Mental Fitness

The basic
Mental Health support model:

  • Clinical
  • Reactive
  • Charitable
  • Crisis Management
  • Recovery Based
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Mental Health Awareness
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Mental Health

The reality is: We all have mental health, and taking care of it properly means more than supporting ourselves or others only when we are struggling.

The traditional mental health support model is reactive and clinical in nature. It doesn’t promote overall wellbeing. Mental health first aiders and crisis lines have their place and benefits, but it’s apparent, now more than ever, that these simply aren’t enough.

Our mental fitness needs attention and understanding, just like your physical fitness needs nutrition and exercise.

Tom Forster

1 in 2

admits to needing support with stress, time management and performance whilst at work.

56% of all sick days

are lost to mental health challenges


due to a lack of proactive mental fitness support


are lost to mental health challenges

77% of employees

would like to see more support for their physical and mental fitness

Thinking Better.
Performing Better.

We know through science and data that a proactive approach to mental health
is proven to support employees think , feel and perform at their best.

You get more from a mental fitness workout.
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Mental fitness

What We Do

BeMeta Coaching

  • Courses and Workshops
  • Live Training Programmes
  • 1-1 Coaching & Development
  • Mental Fitness Campaigns
  • Mental Fitness Instructor Training
  • Online Access anytime, anywhere
  • On site & in person support
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Initial trial took a bit of time to get going but the feedback was so good we’ve made it permanent for our teams.

Amy Bumstead,
HR Manager. Apollo

It’s like having a personal trainer for you mind. The uptake from the team has been really promising

Joe Moore,
Managing Director.
Temp Management

BeMeta have made mental health coachable and approachable, I've really enjoy my weekly sessions.

BeMeta Participant

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