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Duty Of Care

Here we aim to clearly define the role of a BeMeta coach, and in the interest of protecting ourselves, the individuals we coach and businesses we serve, we must define exactly what a BeMeta Coach is not.

At BeMeta, we endeavour to create a safe talk space within the workplace that allows employees to speak freely and confidently about all aspects of their mental health, whilst building a relationship in the strictest of confidence enabling the person to talk about about whatever is on their mind.

The role of a coach can be defined by the many benefits of a coaching session;  A simple chat to vent some frustrations or to help improve your outlook and well being.  A solution focused conversation aimed at improving a specific aspect of your life or something that is holding you back in becoming the person you want to be. Continued sessions to design a clear-cut path to success or improving a specific set of characteristics.

We believe that coaching is invaluable to a persons well being and with every session our objective is to continually develop a persons mental well being, but this can only be done if a persons current mental health falls within the spectrum of what a coach CAN do.

Although we encourage all individuals to use BeMeta coaching, in some cases, issues brought forward may be beyond the boundaries of a coaches role and therefore it would not be appropriate or safe for a coach to continue working with that person.  If a severe mental health issue is identified within our coaching sessions such as trauma, severe depression, psychosis, then it is our duty of care to guide a person towards a more appropriate method of support such as therapy, counselling or even medial help.

If you would like to learn more about our Duty of Care and Coaching Terms & Conditions please feel free to contact us here.