What is coaching?

The most common question we get asked is… Is coaching like therapy?

In short, no.

Coaching is all about helping you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, in a way that's much quicker, and more effective than if you were working alone.

Here are a few definitions for a bit of context:

- A therapist will help their client explore their past in order to uncover what is stopping them from driving a car.

- A counsellor will listen to the concerns and anxieties of the client about driving the car.

- A mentor is likely to share their own experiences of driving a car, offering handy hints and tips to help the client

- A Coach will encourage and support the client as they drive the car so that the client becomes the best driver they can be.

YOU are the expert in you, but sometimes you just may not see it or feel it.

For example, if you ask 100 people what you should do next, you may get 100 different answers (that wouldn’t be helpful at all). We’re here to you help you naviagte and overcome the daily challenges that life presents us all with and to support you in discovering your inner potential and allowing you to become your best self.

Is coaching for me?

Let's turn this back on you for a moment, please answer the following questions:

Are you often feeling stressed, stuck, demotivated or frustrated?

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

Do you feel that you have more to give at work or in your home life, are you realising your full potential?

Do you ever feel that you’re lacking the skills, motivation or confidence to set goals for yourself and achieve them?

Are you open and ready to take a brave step towards personal development (even if it means stretching your comfort zone)?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then coaching IS for you.

Your BeMeta coach will support you to identify the obstacles in the way of you and your goals. Whilst eliminating your limiting beliefs, motivating you and building your confidence to go and do something about it.

Your sessions will leave you feeling less stressed, and more capable of navigating the daily challenges that life can bring us, whilst helping you to find that all-important balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Is what we talk about confidential?

BeMeta coaching always has and always will be 100% confidential. This is a non-negotiable principle of ours.

Your employer has recognised the importance of good mental health both in and out of the workplace and have provided this benefit for you on a personal level, therefore they will not have access to any of the conversations held within the coaching space we provide at BeMeta.

Do I only come if I have a problem?

No, not at all. Anyone can start a conversation with their BeMeta coach.

If you feel you have a challenge you would like to work through then we can support you with that. However, we would always encourage those that feel they are ‘doing ok’ to sit with us because it can further your personal development and help you to navigate future challenges.

What if I don't know what to talk about? What if I don't have a goal?

That’s perfectly OK and quite normal. If that’s what your feeling when you enter your session, then you can say just that.

It’s not often we are given the chance to really be listened to about how we are and how we would like be, if that’s what your feeling in the moment, whilst in your session, it’s perfectly fine to say just that.

Often once you start talking about life in general and your current experiences you begin to realise you might actually have a goal in mind you would like to look at and work on.

What should I expect from coaching? What do I get from it?

First we will figure out the areas of your life that may be unbalanced and causing the initial blocks.

- We will focus on the areas you feel you need to prioritise to help you to gain self-awareness of the thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours that may be negatively affecting you from moving forward in life and reaching your goals.

- Together we will work towards setting goals and developing strategies for reaching them, whilst continually reviewing your progress. Your BeMeta coach will be there alongside you to guide, support, motivate and encourage you throughout the entire process.

- With your permission, we will look to identify some of your core values to ensure alignment with the goals you will set for yourself.

- We will focus on mindfulness which will help you to better manage stress and anxiety, as well as mindset practices to increase motivation, confidence, productivity and resilience.

- You will find your buoyancy and the balance of mind, body, and spirit. This will empower you to easily overcome the blocks that once challenged you.

How often should I speak to my BeMeta Coach?

Coaching is your journey and only you will truly know where you are in life. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to the frequency of seeing a BeMeta Coach.

One session per month: You have a clear goal in sight and manage to stay motivated for the majority of the time. However, every now and then you get overwhelmed and this knocks you off track which then takes time to regain momentum.

Twice per month: You have an idea of the goal you wish to reach. However, you are unsure of exactly how to reach it and would find value in exploring the next steps and being supported by and being made accountable to your BeMeta Coach.

Four times per month: You (like many in life) are facing a challenging experience or period in your life. You are unsure how to move forward and regularly experience negative thought patterns that keep self-belief, confidence and motivation low. You are ready to move forward and will commit to making some positive changes so you can enjoy life again.

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