Join the mental fitness movement. On a mission to make mental health a positive conversation.

Inspire a change in mind and help your people, business and industry build stronger, healthier, happier mindset.

Be Seen

Using our past experiences as our platform and our purpose to help others work on their mental fitness. Encouraging and empower individuals to be seen and to know that they matter and so does their mental health.

Be Heard

Creating space for people to give their mental health a voice, in confidence and with support. We encourage open, honest communication that helps to build strong foundations and lasting change.

Be Empowered

With passion, energy and desire, we motivate and guide our community as they give their mental health a voice and work on their mental fitness.

Meet the team

Tom Forster

Founder & CEO

Carly Hewett

Mental Health Advisor

Mason Dyson Roberts

Co-Founder & Head of Coaching

Joe Bumstead

Co-Founder & Operations

Tom Ryan

Co-Founder & Finance

Jimmy Blackman

Head of Business Development


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